Thursday, 4 July 2013

What Are Article Submission Sites?

People who need to find article directories and submission sites can read this and discover a fantastic resource that will help them increase the exposure of their articles.

The idea with these types of sites is to provide people with a valuable resource of sites that accept article submissions. This is so article marketers can widen the exposure of their writing skills and help them to promote their own websites and blogs through the process of showing off their wares and examples of how well they can write.

Now, it could be argued that these types of sites are only there for helping people to create links back to their sites for search engine optimization purposes. Well, that's true up to a point, but the honest writers out there are not interested in any of that and will use this resource purely as a means to get their written works out there to a wider audience.

So to anyone who values a great resource, this type of site has been created to provide it. Its up to the user how they use it, but I'm sure that the honest writer with integrity and a sense of fair play will use it the right way.

Submitting Articles to Sites that Accept Them

If you're not sure what this kind of site actually, allow me to spend a little time in explaining it to you. After all, you don't want to start writing a bunch of great articles and blindly submit them to a bunch of sites without knowing what it is that you are doing, right?

Sites that accept your articles are essentially content directories that allow you to publish your own work and then they feature it on the site. Different sites have different rules about the level of quality the are prepared to accept, so it pays to read through their terms and rules before submitting your work.

What Do Article Submission Websites Look Like?

Some sites have live editors that screen submitted work to make sure it passes their own criteria for quality and usefulness and doesn't break their TOS by containing banned topics or those they deem unsuitable for their site. Others have less stringent rules while others still will accept just about anything, with several sites having no pre-approval setup allowing you to literally post whatever you want.

The sites that fall into the last category are usually abused by spammers, so you probably want to avoid sites that look like they are just full of garbage. The reason for this is that whatever you link to from really bad sites run the risk of being penalized by Google.

This is is ever more risky since Google is constantly improving its algorithm that sniffs out nefarious practices by website owners and optimizers. Bottom line is if you use really bad sites to get links, you risk your own sites they link to.  

How Does The Submission Process Work?

Again, different sites will have different rules regarding submission of your work. But generally, they will require you to first create an account with them, which may or may not need administration verification before you will be permitted to submit any work.

Once you have been accepted, you can then start submitting work. This will typically require you to submit a title, a short paragraph describing the article, a main body containing 400 words or more, a bio box with your details and a link to your site and some evidence you are a real person like a real email address or contact details.

Some instant approval article submission sites allow you to create an account and start posting your articles right away, often in familiar Wordpress format. See individual sites for their idiosyncrasies to ensure you get things right and have your work published without any hitches.


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